An Optometric Tradition

Welcome to the oldest continuing Optometric practice in Kitchener-Waterloo. Our practice was founded by Arnold Jansen in 1899. A jeweler by trade he expanded his business to include ophthalmic dispensing and by 1915 he was recognized as Kitchener's first Optometrist. Jansen turned his practice over to Bert Heslop in 1946 who continued for 33 years until he retired in 1979. At that time Dr. Scott MacKenzie took over the practice and then was joined by Dr. Joe Heslip in 1997.

In June 2007 we moved to our present location; a larger, modern office with wheelchair accessibility. Dispensing and examination services have been expanded to provide the best in Optometric care. Eye health examination is our top priority but we also feel providing eye care from beginning to end is vitally important. Solving a patient's problems does not end with the written prescription, there are many choices in ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses. Frame selection, in itself can be critical in how a particular lens will function. We feel this full service approach to eye care ensures that our patients receive superior results at the best value. MacKenzie Heslip Eye Care has developed a reputation as a progressive, comprehensive Optometric practice and looks forward to serving our community for many years to come.
Optometric Services Inc.